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​2019 Dates

Session 1: July 29 - August 2       Ages 8-12

Session 2: August 5 - August 9    Ages 8-12


Meet at Bethel Outdoor Adventure every morning and travel to local lakes, ponds, islands, and the Androscoggin River.


$290 per 1-week session

  • Scholarships not available this year

$75 deposit to reserve

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Kids Adventure

  • Included in each session:
    • basic canoe and kayak strokes 
    • rescue techniques 
    • expeditioning by canoe 
    • simple camping skills 
    • basic whitewater techniques 
    • and more .  .  .
  • Participants will learn how to skillfully maneuver canoes and kayaks while exploring the many channels and islands on the river, developing proficiency and confidence in all types of water borne outdoor skills.

Navigate the Androscoggin, learn canoe - kayak - paddle board techniques,  and enjoy Maine's wildlife with an outdoor water adventure!

     Our Kids Adventure is a fun-filled, week-long program designed to teach basic and advanced canoeing and kayaking skills in a fun and active adventure. Our staff are experienced, talented, and will ensure that your child has an unforgettable week. Some highlights from past years include: capture the flag, Errol whitewater, and paddleboarding on the river!